My Story

My name is Michael Blake, and I am 44 years of age. I have a great appreciation for arts and music. I also find myself looking for rare titles of movies which were featured in various film festivals in Berlin. Two years ago, I attended one of my favorite artists’ gallery and was surprised when he featured erotic arts that were presented in a very artistic manner. I felt so much emotion as I walked down the hall and stared at his works. This is when my fascination for erotic arts began. 

The shape of our bodies was created intelligently. It has so much symmetry that makes it beautiful when not covered by any piece of fabric. I cannot help but admire every part of the human body that brings us so much sensation during intercourse. Were they designed to give us so much pleasure? was built so I can upload all my favorite works from different talented artists. Whenever I attend showrooms, I ask if I could take a picture of their works, and If I can post them on my website. In return, they get to reach people who are willing to buy their works, and I get to share the experience of viewing erotic art pieces to the world. 

Finally, I hope that people start appreciating their own body regardless of shape, color, and gender. It’s beautiful. It’s artistic. It’s art.