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Educate Yourself

All adults are responsible for creating safe communities where sexual abuse is stopped before a child is ever harmed. Join the growing number of adults who are standing up and speaking out about child sexual abuse. When you become educated, your voice is stronger and more protective.

  • Turn uncertainty and fear into confidence. Learn about safety planning and recognizing warning signs. so you can get past the fears and silence that prevent us from taking actions to protect kids.
  • Watch an on-demand training video, participate in a live webinar, or attend an in-person training. 
  • Talk to other adults in your family and community about your commitment to children’s safety.
  • Explore our website and take our feedback survey to help us create the most effective tools for keeping children safe from sexual abuse.

Join the Conversation

  • Sign up for our E-newsletter to get the latest updates.
  • Stay up to date: Follow and join in conversation about prevention through social media.
  • Write a Story of Hope.

Be an Advocate

  • Start a conversation within your community by sharing some of our resources. Speaking up is the first step to making kids less vulnerable to sexual abuse. Here are a few suggestions:
    • Do you have kids in school? Find out about the school’s policies – read our tip sheet on questions to ask of your child’s existing or prospective school.
    • Do your kids play in a sports league? Read our tip sheet on sexual safety in youth sports.
    • Contact us about bringing a Stop It Now! training or workshop to your community. 
    • Are you part of a church group? Share this tip sheet on child sexual abuse prevention for faith communities.
  • Do you have a website or blog? Add a link to the Stop It Now! website and help direct others to our resources and services.
  • Learn what your state is doing legislatively to make sure that mandated reporting, consent and registration laws are focused on the best interests for children and families.
  • Write letters- to local newspapers, to your legislators, on parenting blogs. Bring awareness to laws, policies and resources to help keep children safe.
  • Be “ask-able”! When you share your commitment to children’s safety, others may see you as a support and resource and speak up about a concern.


Use your professional and specialized skills to help us grow and reach more people. We’re looking for people with skills in marketing and communications and with knowledge in healthy sexuality, violence prevention and child sex abuse. Contact us to get directions on how to apply.

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